Knowing how and where to get answers is the key to empowered decision making.


We actively seek out opportunities to speak with teams, schools, community groups and businesses who are ready to change the conversation and culture around the brain injury recovery and rehabilitation process.

We’ve been sharing our perspective on panels and boards, at conventions and events and have been known to strike up conversations in team locker rooms. We’re out to share what we know in a way that touches and inspires, and creates a real, human experience. Because that’s what we know to be true: that the human element of brain injury is all too often forgotten.


We can be booked for presentations, workshops and information sessions to give your group a more informed understanding of the whats, whys and hows around the culture of brain injury, current recovery and rehabilitation options and resources and how EMPWR is leading with a new sense of hope, optimism and possibility.


Interested in having EMPWR at your next event?