Our Mission

EMPWR Foundation is a charitable movement created to advance the recovery of concussion injuries. We exist to support people getting back to sport and back to themselves – faster, better, stronger.



Advancing Education

Create smart recovery tools and programs that support concussion recovery

Deliver compelling athlete-driven initiatives

Make the science of concussion more understandable

Build a digital-resource platform


Advancing the Science

Invest in innovative and ground-breaking concussion recovery research


Building strong collaborative relationships

Focus on leaders in sport, academia & healthcare that are aligned with our beliefs

Did you know... If you continue to push through symptoms during the acute recovery phase, it can prolong your symptoms.

We Believe…

Concussion is a brain injury and should be given respect.

Every recovery will be different, and that’s normal.

Recovery can be hard work, you’re up for it.

It can take time.

You are not alone.

You will get better.

Support really matters.

We need to continue talking about it.

We still have so much to learn

There is away.

Did you know... Concussion symptoms don’t always appear immediately after a hit and can change over time.