Our Stories

Find out what our athletes learned through their personal experience with concussion recovery.


Dara Howell. Olympic Gold Medalist, Slopestyle. Dara learns it is more important to take time to recover in order to come back stronger.

Gabriel Landeskog. NHL Forward. If Gabriel could do it all over, see why he would've sat out for the rest of that game.

Ben Fanelli. Former OHL Defenceman. Ben shows us how important support and determination are to a recovery.

Jeff Keeping. CFL Offensive Lineman. Jeff know the importance of supportive teammates and understands how they can play a huge role in recovery.

Joey Hishon. NHL Forward. See how Joey shows a lot of courage by making the hard call not to go back into an important game.

Compilation. These are our athlete's stories. Each one of them wants to empower you to recover.

Did you know...concussion symptoms don’t always appear immediately after a hit and can change over time.